With very similar constructive and typological characteristics to Cistern Nº 1, it must have been built at the same time as the latter. It is located on the eastern side of a rectangular building with three well-defined rooms with half-height walls, which could have been a warehouse or a dwelling.
On its external side, it has courses of semi-cyclopean squared limestone blocks, smaller in size in the upper area, taken with lime mortar.

Ground Plan



Its dimensions are 7.57 metres long by 4.31 metres wide externally, with a depth of 2.50 metres. It has been estimated that it could hold some 44,000 litres. The “opus signinum” lining the interior has a slightly more pinkish colouring and is somewhat deteriorated, with some holes in the floor. Its altitude is practically the same as Cistern Nº 1 and its location under the hill where the High Cistern is located leads us to think that it may have been related to urban supply and not to domestic supply.